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Don’t reblog. Screenshot and tag your OTPs.

but who said perfect families don’t exist

F.A.C.E. with mustaches 
Parents: Don't forget to make us proud
Friends: Don't forget to socialize
Teachers: Don't forget to get A's
Strangers: Don't forget to blend in
Opposite sex: Don't forget to look good
Society: Don't forget to be perfect
Tumblr: Fuck the world, they're peasants. At least you haven't murdered somebody today
Tumblr: But just in case you want to get away with it, here are some tips.



Finally saying goodbye to an Ex-friend once and for all. It might hurt but it’s all for the best.

Never force yourself to be friends with a person who insults and ignores you. It’s never worth it.


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Anyone is welcome to join the International Academy in +Google!!!

Please enroll!!

Thank you All!!